Apple WWDC 2009 keynote coverage – 08/06/2009

WWDC 2009 keynote

Tomorrow morning 3am AEST Apple’s developer conference begins with a Phil Schiller keynote. There’s a lot of speculation around as with any Apple event. Probably this time more than ever. It’s 2 years since the original iPhone announcement, 1 year since the iPhone 3G announcement and 1 year since the announcement of Apple’s newest operating system – Snow Leopard (OSX.6). There’s also many rumours about a tablet announcement, but I don’t think so, happy to be wrong on that one.

The Australian times for the keynote are as follows:

Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Canberra 3:00 AM
Adelaide/Darwin time – 2:30 AM
Perth time – 1:00 AM

There’ll be plenty of people covering the event and there’s sure to be some sneaky people who get a live audio feed from the event. The race will be on to find those people.

Sources of content I’ll be watching are..

– Twitter (via TweetDeck), watching = “Apple OR WWDC”, “iPhone”, “Snow Leopard”.
TWiT Live –
– Tech Blogs live blogging – [engadget], [gizmodo], [gdgt]
– Mactalk [

I’ll be checking,,, for live feeds. Experience has shown that sites are bound to go down during live events, particularly Apple’s, that’s why backups are a great idea.

Did I mention having multiple monitors is great this time of year ? 🙂

For all my coverage watch

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