Apps set to get sexy and sophisticated in 2021

    App design by Giovanni Azevedo

    Mobile app design has come a long way in the past decade, but in 2021, it looks like new industry trends will send us in a design direction that looks mature and polished, evolved if you like and something I’m really looking forward to seeing more of.

    The community at 99designs consists of many freelance app designers and today we can share with you the 10 app design trend predictions for 2021.

    It sounds strange, but creating something simple is actually really hard. The design of an app is much more than colour and icon selection, it’s about creating an experience that’s fast, fluid and invites users back time and time again.

    Over the years we’ve been through trends like curved corners, to hard square edges and now back again, so like fashion, design trends have a way of circling back around.

    Something I notice the most about these designs, are that they find a way to balance the need for functionality (often requiring many icons), with simplicity which aids in the aesthetic design of the app and often makes interacting with it, very intuitive.

    App design by Arman Rokni

    Four great examples of fresh and modern app design include: 

    • Neumorphism: a 2020 makeover on a 2010 trend giving flat icons/buttons a lush dimensional makeover making them lifelike and tactile
    • Creative data visualisation: adding a little creativity to analytics! Using unique graphs, animations and colours to present data in more stimulating and engaging ways
    • Easy on the eye visuals: these app designs use soothing, natural colors and simple layouts that don’t overwhelm users, enabling them to look at the screen for longer without getting uncomfortable (with a nation collectively experiencing Zoom fatigue this is necessary!)
    • Immersion through VR and AR: a trend only accelerated by lockdown, engaging design and gamification creates interactive, immersive experiences on mobile phones

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    App design by ozonestyle

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