April Fools Day – is it safer for blogger just to take the day off ?

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    Today in Australia, it has been April Fools Day, as usual people get creative and come up with ways to trick (fool) people with practical jokes.

    This works great for a quick laugh in real life, however take those same practical jokes online and you end up with the bloggersphere taking it to the extreme. So many technology companies / blogs today joined in reporting bogus news just to get a laugh. Well problem is, some disguise a April fools day joke so well it gets believed and then reported on.

    When the smoke clears and the funny buggers admit it was all a bit joke, many are left with egg on their face for not noticing the stories they’d blogged about were fakes.

    The best approach to April 1 each year, may indeed be to take the day off if your a blogger, have a rest, you work hard every other day of the year.

    But that wouldn’t be much fun now would it.. If you run a business, I’d suggest you hold off till April 2 if you want the announcement to be taken seriously.

    For a full list of all the pranksters check out Wikipedia.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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