Asus integrates GPS into laptop

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    Asus are leading the way in the consumer world, by being the first to release a laptop with GPS to the mainstream market. The U3S has integrated GPS, external GPS antenna jack, 13.3? widescreen LCD, HDMI port and much much more.

    Many will ask, why do I need GPS in my laptop? Well.. I see it being used heavily in the presence arena. For those who want to share their lives with friends / fans, they’re probably using already using services like Twitter, or social neworks (MySpace, Facebook, Bebo) and having to make entries like ‘I’m at work’ or ‘just got home’. Well with GPS integration, your status information could be fed by the GPS in your laptop automatically.

    We could also see things like blog entries being geotagged and of course searchable, for instance, if you blog from different locations, you might want to find all entries you blogged when your we in location X. That may be a specific address or a venue.

    Aside form this application there’s obviously the standard, find your destination, closest shops, etc.

    I look forward to this becoming a more common technology in laptops.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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