Aussie Director reviews the new Canon EOS R5, 8K video eats 10GB every 30 seconds

    Last week Canon announced a new high-end camera, the EOS R5 which has the flagship feature of being able to shoot 8K RAW video.

    Australian film director Andrew Kaineder has already spent a few days with the new Canon EOS R5 full frame mirrorless camera and sat down to detail his thoughts.

    One of the most interesting piece of information he provided was the amount of storage you’ll need to shoot in 8K at 30fps. The camera consumes around 10GB every 30 seconds.

    That kind of resets your benchmark for what you think is large when it comes to video content. Having shot on 4K cameras for a while now, between phones and GoPros, we’re used to projects being 50-100GB without issue. To move up to an 8K workflow will require a serious rethink on storage, transfer and upload times.

    The camera uses a traditional SD card for stills, but switching to video, you’ll now save to a CFexpress card. These are around, but don’t come cheap with the SanDisk 512GB version costing a massive $962.54 on Amazon. This does feature pretty stunning 1700MB/s read and 1400MB/s write speeds and is also available in smaller versions like the 64GB version, but that still costs A$300.

    If you’re using the camera for commercial projects like movies or TV shows, then you’ll likely be able to justify the price tag. Assuming you already have some compatible Canon lenses, you can pickup the EOS R5 body for A$7,099.

    The reality is, most people won’t view this content on an 8K display. We’re only the 2nd year into 8K TVs being commercially available and are still very much delivered at a premium price point.

    As a content creator however, you’re always searching for the best source material, so regardless of the final resolution, the content looks amazing.

    You can watch the full review below.

    For more information on the EOS R5, head to –

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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