Australia Post Digital MailBox enters public beta


    Australia Post’s Digital MailBox has just entered public beta. Those who registered their interest have received emails announcing the move from invite-only, to public beta. The Digital MailBox is designed to be a single place for your all your bills in effort to simply your paperless world.

    Currently, they have only 2 providers on-board – Yarra Valley Water and AMP. While they say they’re adding new service providers all the time, the service really is useless until they get a majority of your bill providers signed up.

    The service provides 1GB of free secure storage for files, however given offerings from Google, Microsoft, Box and others, that’s hardly a reason for signing up. Australia Post do specify that the files are located on Australian servers, so if that’s important to you, it might be worth signing up.

    We’re excited to announce the public beta release of Australia Post Digital MailBox! You can now register and start using your secure digital mailbox, while we continue to test and improve it.

    By using your digital mailbox now, you can be first to claim your username, connect to the selected service providers, start receiving some of your mail digitally and begin storing your important documents online.

    Plus, you can suggest other service providers you’d like to receive your digital mail from in the future.


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