Avenel recharging is on, with the first of 6 Caltex service station chargers going live in VIC

    Image credit: Kate McCracken via the Tesla Model 3 Australia Facebook group.

    Charging network Evie has announced a partnership with Caltex Australia (Ampol) with the first site at Avenel, Victoria now open to electric vehicles.

    This location is significant, as it adds to the growing number of charging locations between Melbourne and Wodonga. Avenel is located 130km away from Melbourne and 195km from the regional city of Wodonga.

    This new charging location also provides flexibility for drivers in where they wish to stop, adding to the existing option of Euroa, 38.5km down the road. Euroa offers 4 charging bays from competitor Chargefox and 6 Superchargers from Tesla, however the networks ultimately combine as a single charging infrastructure for EV owners.

    This is the first of an initial phase of six Caltex service centres in NSW and VIC that will be equipped with Evie Networks ultra-fast charging stations. Each site will feature two 350kW chargers manufactured by Australian company Tritium.

    With the addition of a trusted brand such as Caltex and the support of the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund & Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Evie Networks plans on being the largest ultra-fast electric vehicle charging network in Australia.

    The partnership with Caltex is a significant step forward in delivering on our national network build, drawing on Caltex’s high quality roadside convenience and amenity.

    “Using Evie Networks’ cutting edge-technology helps our host partners showcase their sustainability credentials as well as returning solid commercial benefits from increased foot traffic and convenience sales while EV customers are on site”.

    CEO Chris Mills.
    Image credit: Josh Rowe via the Tesla Model 3 Australia Facebook group.
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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    1. Why oh why can’t you just pay with a Credit/Debit card on the front of the charger!!!! Another stupid app to complicate things.

      • I understand, it’s annoying there’s not a single app for all charges. In terms of a CC, it’d take a CC reader which would need a pin pad for digits and potentially a mag strip reader. Given many charges are not undercover, im not sure this is practical.

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