Beejive 3.0 adds Push Notifications, Utlra-Connectedness shifts into top gear

    I took me quite a few attempts at buying a $12.99 Instant Messaging iPhone application, especially considering they’re are indeed free alternatives. But after reading a number of positive reviews from people who laid down the cash and were very satisfied, I decided to bite the bullet and buy Beejive IM.

    Sure the interface is pretty slick, and support for different IM networks is awesome – AIM / MobileMe, Google Talk, ICQ,  Jabber, MSN / Windows Live, Myspace IM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook IM. I wasn’t exactly blown away by the app.

    That was of course until version 3.0 arrived today. The addition of Push Notifications means I can be connected to all of my contacts, all of the time, providing the ability to be truly ultra-connected. This transforms the application from a nice to have, to a must have application, at least for me.

    Sure at times being always connected will be information overload, but personally that’s the exception, rather than the rule. At that point I’ll probably be turning my whole phone off.

    Below are some screenshots from Beejive 3.0, it is still $12.99, so take it or leave it, but if your like me and see the advantages of your ultra-connectedness, then check it out [iTunes link]

    Beejive 3.0 Push Notifications Beejive 3.0 Push Notifications

    Beejive 3.0 Push Notifications Beejive 3.0 Push Notifications

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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