Behind the scenes of DiRT 2.. I’m sold, Must Buy!

    DiRT 2

    I’m a lover of Codemaster’s Racing game – DiRT, well now the series all grown up with a sequel (still in development) DiRT 2.

    This video gives a behind the scene look at the development that’s going into some of the great new improvements in the game.

    New particle system
    DiRT involves a lot off off-road driving, leaving your car sliding across gravel and dirt, creating plooms of dust and sends rocks flying in every direction. These look more realistic than ever, so this new particle system looks like a gem.

     DiRT 2

    Water dynamics
    Driving through water will add drag and therefore reduces the speed of your car. While in cockpit view, water is only dispersed from your windscreen by your wipes, giving you a much more obscured view but realistic sensation.
    DiRT 2 DiRT 2

    Flat Tyres
    DiRT 2

    Improved audio
    This reminds me of Forza 2, where the developers actually went and recorded sounds from the real vehicles used in the game. From the couple of examples shown in the video, the sound definitely sounds upgraded.

    I’m completely sold on this game already, I can’t wait for it release!! For me, a fan of driving games, this looks to be as close to real-world graphics and dynamics as we’ve seen to-date.

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