Bootcamp 3.1 drivers kick ass !!

    Bootcamp 3.1

    Whilst only a mild .1 update, Apple’s latest Bootcamp drivers make a massive difference to your Windows on Mac hardware experience. One of my biggest issues with my Macbook was the screen brightness could only be dropped to around half of what it was in Snow Leopard. Not only overly bright in a dark environment, this also meant the screen was sucking loads of power, killing battery life.

    The news gets even better when it comes to your Windows rating. With Bootcamp 3.0 drivers, the Macbook scored 3.7, after updating to Bootcamp 3.1 drivers, that score now sits at 5.2. An impressive increase. The update should also fix reported track pad issues.

    Macbook Win7 Rating Bootcamp 3.1

    This also means Windows 7 is now officially supported by Apple. My advice, get the update now.

    Available from Apple, (x86, x64).

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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