Charge your EV for as low as $5 on AGL’s Night Saver EV plan

    There is a battle breaking out among energy retailers in Australia for EV customers, with many offering EV-specific plans.

    The latest is AGL’s Night Saver EV plan where they pitch EV owners on the ability to charge their car for as low as $5.

    AGL’s $5 figure is an estimated charging cost based on a Tesla Electric Vehicle Model 3/Y RWD standard range with a 62kWh usable battery and a usage rate of 8c/kWh applicable from 12am to 6am.

    There is quite a vast array of battery capacities in EVs, which means the cost to charge can vary considerably, but I credit AGL for using two of the best-selling EVs in the country as their sample rate.

    The amount of energy you can put into your car during these hours is down to the charging infrastructure you have available to you. If you’re charging from a normal wall outlet, you’ll get 11-15km per hour, which at the top end would be 90kms, almost double what the average daily distance travelled is.

    If you have a fast charger installed, you could see as much as 75km per hour if you have 3-phase or 50km if you are on single phase. At the maximum, you could recharge a Tesla Model Y as much as 450km overnight. The Model Y SR has around 435km range, so in theory, you’d be able to fully recharge the vehicle,

    Many electric vehicles offer the ability to schedule charging so you can plug in when you get home, but rather than draw power at peak prices during peak times, your car will only start charging after the time you set. If you were on AGL’s EV plan, you’d schedule charging to commence at 12am.

    One caveat to this is that the EV Night saver rate of 8c/kWh is variable and as such may change, but only after providing notice in writing to you.

    When you consider the general usage rate can be around 38.75 cents/kWh, a discount of 30c/kWh for 6 hours per day, is significant. Even if you charged every day of the week (unlikely), you’re only spending around $35, good luck trying to fuel your ICE vehicle for that.

    Keep in mind that while this plan is called an EV plan, and it is required that you have one (see below), there is no way for energy companies to segment vehicle charging from normal household use, which means the energy rate of 8c/kWh is for all of your electricity.

    If you have solar on the roof, then scheduling appliances like the washing, dishwasher etc during solar hours is certainly going to be the cheapest option, but if you don’t, then consider scheduling these between 12-6am.

    There are more considerations you may make when selecting this plan.

    This plan is available to eligible residential customers in Victoria where AGL operates, who agree to receive bills and other account-related communications via email. 

    You’re free to change your plan at any time. No exit fee will apply if you leave this plan before the end of the energy plan period.

    To be eligible for this Energy Plan you must either:

    • own an electric vehicle registered in your name (or the name of a member of your household ) and to the same address as your AGL electricity account;
    • hold an AGL electric vehicle subscription in your name (or the name of a member of your household); or
    • have an electric vehicle at the Supply Address that is registered in the name of a business to which you or a member of your household have an association.

    In order to verify your eligibility for this Energy Plan, you must provide your vehicle registration number, vehicle make and model, and such other information reasonably required by us, upon our request. 

    Solar feed-in tariffs
    The solar feed-in tariff under this energy plan is variable and can change with at least five business days’ written notice to you.

    To be eligible for AGL’s solar feed-in-tariff, the inverter capacity of your solar system must not exceed, or must be export limited to, 100kW and you must not be receiving a feed-in tariff under any government scheme. For the terms that apply to our solar feed-in tariffs, visit our Solar Feed-in Terms.

    By signing up to this energy plan you agree to receive your bills and other communications from AGL via email (eBilling). 

    For the duration of this energy plan and subsequent contracts you will receive bills and other communications from AGL to your nominated email address. If your email address becomes inactive, invalid or you change your communication preferences, we’ll send you a paper bill and charges may apply. 

    Online sign-up credit
    Get a $75 once-off credit (GST incl.) per fuel (electricity and gas) on your first bill when you switch your home energy to AGL from another supplier or move your home energy with AGL online.

    This credit amount reduces the price of supply of gas or electricity and is not transferable. AGL may exclude accounts from receiving more than one upfront credit per fuel in any 12-month period.

    Carbon neurtral
    AGL allows customers to support projects that genuinely reduce emissions by adding Carbon Neutral, for an extra $1 a week (GST incl.).

    For more information, or to sign up to the AGL Night Saver EV Plan, head to

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