ChatGPT Pro plan costs $42/mo, free plan available when demand is low

    Well the AI service ChatGPT now has a paid, Professional Plan option that costs $42 per month. The news of the paid edition was shared on Twitter by Saboo_Shubham, an author of books on OpenAI GPT-3 and more.

    With a paid plan, you get priority access, meaning you can use the service before free users. You can expect to receive faster responses from ChatGPT and when new features arrive, you’ll get access to it first.

    Thankfully there will still be a free tier, but this change is likely to impact how we use the service. Free users will have to wait for the professionals to be done before getting their requests processed.

    While the price of US$42 per month is certainly a lot more than you pay for Netflix, the potential here is great for automation, and building services on top of the platform, so naturally the price reflects that opportunity.

    The new option is showing up for users in the side navigation menu.
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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    1. Honestly considering the time it has saved me in IT already it’s worth at least that. I tried to find the pay option as soon as I read this. It’s not there currently for me.

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