Coronavirus previews a clean city future, when we’re all driving Electric Vehicles

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    You may not recognise that city, it’s Los Angeles.

    Last April, the Environment Protection Agency in America published a report that detailed how the air pollution was getting worse. The report found that around 43% of the population lived in locations that have unhealthy pollution.

    With the outbreak of Coronavirus, the world has shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. This shut down of virtually all non-essential businesses, has had a dramatic side effect for the environment.

    With a population of around 12 million, the city of Los Angeles, is showing some of the biggest reductions in emissions. With thousands of businesses closed, millions of people are staying home, dramatically reducing the number of cars on the road and virtually eliminating emissions from vehicles.

    This dramatic reduction in emissions is clearing the polluted sky above LA, giving us a preview of what the world could look like once we inevitably transition to electric vehicles.

    The reduction is incredibly start, with a recent photo of LA (top), looking like Melbourne Australia on a summer day. On its worst days, the pollution was so bad, the LA skyline was barely visible, as in the photo below.

    Electric vehicles have plenty of benefits. From great acceleration, to significantly lower running costs, EVs biggest benefit to society is their zero emissions.

    In a city with millions of vehicles on the road, the transition to a cleaner future will take decades, but at least for now, the coronavirus, as terrible as it is, has given everyone, in cities across the world, a glimpse into a better future.

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    While a clear sky overhead makes for nice photos, the reality is, cleaner air can have positive health impacts on millions of people around the world, as a result of the reduced pollution.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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