REVIEW: Corsair K70 Core keyboard, it’s cherry blossom season

    It’s almost cherry blossom season in Japan, and I happen to be heading to Japan on my honeymoon in a few weeks. Thus, this recent drop from Corsair has me all giddy. The Corsair K70 Core SE RGB keyboard has been released in white. Not only that, there’s a special cherry blossom keycap and mousepad set, perfect for the K70. We were fortunate enough to get one, put it to the test, and embrace the Japan vibes before my honeymoon!

    Corsair K70 SE RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

    I’ve been lucky enough to review the Corsair K100 keyboard in the past. And we’ve reviewed both the Corsair K65 and K70 here too. The Corsair K70 Core SE RGB is the perfect gamers’ keyboard: it’s not too large, and it still has all the features you’d want – customisable dial, arrow buttons, function keys. There’s even an iCUE button you store up to five different keyboard profiles after you’ve customised all your lighting and key preferences. Using iCUE, you can choose the backlight for every single key.

    Close up of the Cherry Blossom keyboard showing the top right side of the keyboard with a dial and special iCUE button, it's sitting on a pink mousemat.
    There’s plenty of functionality with the function keys, customisable dial, and iCUE button. Photo by TechAU.

    This keyboard also comes with a neat, magnetic wrist rest, unlike the Corsair K70. The customisable dial can be set for volume, scroll, brightness, and more. You can set this up using the iCUE software, just like the rest of the Corsair K series. The keys are Corsair’s MLX Red mechanical switches, and they have a soft, smooth sound rather than being super clacky.

    Full sized keyboard with RGB lighting and white keycaps with pink petals. Sitting on a pink mousemat.
    Full keyboard with the grey magnetic wrist rest that easily snaps to the keyboard. Photo by TechAU.

    The K70 comes in three colour options: white, black, and steel grey. You can also choose to have the wrist rest included or not in the black option (white comes with wrist rest, and grey without). Once you’ve chosen your base colour, you can customise it further with keycaps and mousepad.

    Keycaps and mouse bundle

    Corsair has designed three unique gaming bundles to suit your K70 keyboard: Steel Azure, Steel Crimson, and White Cherry Blossom. These bundles include a keycap set and accompanying mouse mat. Whilst these keycaps are perfect for the Corsair K70 keyboard, you can use them for any NA keyboard layout. We got the beautiful white cherry blossom set. These keycaps transform your keyboard into a Japanese wonderland. With the bulk of the cherry blossoms on each edge of the keyboard, your fingers will glide across an oasis of cherry blossom petals as they touch almost every key in the set.

    Close up of the pink cherry blossom mousemat. It's a soft pink colour with cherry blossoms in each corner. This is the top right corner.
    Beautiful cherry blossom mouse mat (top right corner). Photo by TechAU.

    Paired with the pink cherry blossom Corsair mouse pad, this keyboard will take center stage for your setup, giving it a unique, soft touch. The mouse mat is a full-sized desk mat and easily fits a full-sized keyboard with plenty of space to run your mouse around. The only thing missing from this gorgeous mouse mat and PBT dye-sublimation cherry blossom keycaps is a matching mouse. We wonder if Corsair will come out with one of those next?!

    Close up of the Cherry Blossom keyboard showing the left side of the keyboard, it's sitting on a pink mousemat.
    Gorgeous cherry blossom keycaps on the Corsair K70 Core keyboard. Photo by TechAU.

    Cherry blossom your setup

    One thing is clear, I’ve made this cherry blossom kit part of my regular setup. I couldn’t resist the clean white look and pink petals floating on my desk. If you want to add some cherry blossom to your gaming room, you can do so for $79.99 USD for the keycap and mousepad bundle.

    If you don’t yet have a keyboard, or you’d like to switch to a white Corsair K70, you can pick one up for $109.99 USD.

    Michelle Mannering
    Michelle Mannering
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