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1st session of the consumer stream. Symantec Online identity theft.Security of PC + mobile device.Bots on the increase, ability to phone home receive an update and morph to avoid...

1st session of the consumer stream.

Online identity theft.
Security of PC + mobile device.
Bots on the increase, ability to phone home receive an update and morph to avoid detection / removal.

New threat legitimate sites delivering drive-by-download threat.
Feb – Miama dolphins website

Online Identity
– Constructed from multiple sites / information.
– Consumer identity protection is evolving to include mobile devices.
– Estimated $1.4 billion, 1 person every 4 seconds in US.
– Smart phones are seeing a 77% increase, fastest growth area.
– $2.1 billion mobile devices atm

Q & A session
48,000 virus’ on WIndows last year
4,000 on Linux


Michael Green
PC Tools

New trends in Malware (Malware 2.0).
New tools are being used to create Malware, creating variants up to 3 per minute.
Malware companies have so much coming through they have 2 choose which to fix.
Changing strategy – moving from signature method to full circle (rapid detection, behavior, signature creation, push back down to desktop)
Consumers don’t care about how, they just want things 2 be secured.

Q & A session
Question about individual products vs 1 product / easier for consumers.
Comment that consumers shouldn’t have 2 worry about protection.


Computer Associates

User education needs 2 improve.
Firefox will no longer be regarded as more secure than Internet Explorer.
Symantec running Connnected and Protected campaign bus.


Air Win, Mac, Linux story

Snoopware – mobile devices turning on microphones and cameras.

Influence Forum

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