DJI Mavic Air 2 offers 4K60 and 34mins of flight time from your pocket

    There’s no question DJI leads the global drone market. Like GoPro, they’ve carved out a really unique position, where there’s number one, and everyone else. This makes it even more impressive to see them continue to invest in R&D to produce new products that improve on what we’ve had in the past.

    Whether you’re into drones for fun, or serious business, like aerial imaging or photography, DJI’s Mavic Air 2 drone, looks like a great solution.

    Combining improved optics (4K 60fps) and great battery life (up to 34 minutes), the Mavic Air 2 will do a great job of capturing the amazing world we live in. Getting perspective from the skies is perhaps more important than ever right now.

    It’s perhaps the tech onboard that’s the most impressive to me. Every drone I’ve used has some level of safety system to protect itself from pilot inputs that could cause it damage.

    The Mavic 2 Air uses something called Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) 3.0. This utilizes vision and infrared sensors pointing forward, backwards and downwards to keep it save.

    This works by using mapping technology to understand the world around it and then react to avoid obstacles, even in complex scenarios.

    Created to make capturing high-quality content from the air simple, fun, and safe, Mavic Air 2 offers a larger 1/2” camera sensor offers high-resolution photos and videos to make content stand out, while advanced programmed flight modes, intelligent features and imaging technology make capturing professional-looking content effortless.

    Ultimately having a drone that’s light, portable (foldable), lasts a long time and has great visual quality is a killer combination.

    “Mavic Air 2 is another milestone for DJI, demonstrating that our smartest consumer drone does not have to be the largest. While the Mavic Air 2 bears all the hallmarks of the Mavic drone family, we had to completely rethink its design and development process.

    Our goal was to create a drone that offered the best overall experience possible to even the most novice pilot. We hope our drones can help boost creativity and become a fun yet educational experience that can be enjoyed, even at this unprecedented moment in history.”

    DJI President Roger Luo.

    Powerful Intelligent Features

    Mavic Air 2 is packed with optimized intelligent features allowing users to quickly and easily record images and video that deserves to be shared with the world. FocusTrack is the most advanced tracking feature on any DJI drone and offers three different capture modes:

    • ActiveTrack 3.0: Select a subject for Mavic Air 2 to automatically follow. The third iteration of ActiveTrack uses state-of-the-art mapping technology and new flight path algorithms to offer improved subject tracking and obstacle avoidance, along with the ability to quickly re-engage the subject if it temporarily moves behind an object.
    • Point of Interest 3.0: Set an automated flight path around a specific subject. The updated iteration improves surface recognition to better dynamically track subjects.
    • Spotlight 2.0: Found in professional DJI drones, Spotlight locks a subject in the frame while the user has free operation of the drone’s movement. 

    A Hyperlapse feature brings the visual appeal of time-lapse but with the added element of the drone physically moving. For the first time, Hyperlapse can be shot in a max resolution of 8K while pilots can choose four flight modes including Free movement, Circle, CourseLock and WayPoints.

    Pilots can also choose from several pre-programmed flight manoeuvres known as QuickShots, which use a 3-axis mechanical gimbal and electronic image stabilization for unmatched video quality. Simply tap the desired mode and Mavic Air 2 will automatically create stunning, cinematic content. Pilots can choose Rocket, Circle, Dronie, Helix, Boomerang or Asteroid.

    Pricing and Availability

    The Mavic Air 2 will be available for pre-order today and will start shipping to customers on May 15, 2020. The Mavic Air 2 will be available in two options: a standard package which includes the Mavic Air 2 aircraft, one battery, a remote controller and all the required wires and cables for A$1,499.

    The Fly More Combo which includes all items from the standard version as well as a shoulder bag, ND filters, charging hub, and 2 extra batteries for $1,899.

    The Mavic Air 2 is available for pre-order through DJI authorized retailers in Australia as well as DJI’s online store:

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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