Do you have Google Glass and a Tesla Model S? Then you need the GlassTesla app


    Those lucky bastards that own both a Tesla Model S and Google Glass can now get GlassTesla. A new app for Google Glass that taps into the vehicle systems and provides useful data while away from your vehicle.

    Here’s what it can do:
    – View vehicle charging status. Start or stop charging via Glass. You can even open the charge port without having to get back into your car.
    – Locate your Model S on a map and get directions to it. You can even honk the horns or flash the headlights if you still can’t spot it.
    – See whether the doors, trunks, or sunroof is open/closed. Of course, you can lock or unlock your car remotely and even control the sunroof too.
    – You can view the car’s interior and exterior temperatures. With a single tap, you can enable "auto climate" to either cool or heat your vehicle to an optimal temperature remotely.

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