Easy Bill Pay wants to be your one stop shop for bill payments

    Financial services company, FSA Group LTD has launched Easy Bill Pay, a bill payment service which allows users to pay and store bills and organise their finances quickly, easily and conveniently. Based on data that shows, as many as a third of all Australians pay their bills late, we could certainly do with some help.

    When you are late on bills, it cost you money and potentially affects your credit rating, impacting your ability to get a car or home loan in the future. The average late fee is $24, something that could easily be avoided. A survey conducted by a major bank in 2016 concluded that Australians were charged $286 million dollars in late fees in 2016.

    The reasons why people are late paying bills range from forgetfulness, disorganisation, time poor to a straight-up lack of funds.

    What Easy Bill Pay aims to do is to take the stress out of managing bills outstanding, due dates, amounts etc. They promote the service as being easy to use, important if its going to appeal to all. Bills are stored in one place and can be easily accessed and payments are automatically made and on time.  It gives the customer control over their bills and allows them to track paid bills and see future ones and all in one convenient location.

    The service also provides a bill smoothing function which eliminates “bill shock”. With clever algorithms constantly looking ahead at upcoming bills, the bill smoothing functionality calculates a flat rate amount for each pay cycle to ensure all bills are paid on time and the funds are there to pay fluctuating bill amounts.

    With Easy Bill Pay, bills are organised according to the due date and bill cycle and they can be sent directly to Easy Bill Pay, uploaded by photo or manually uploaded.

    FSA Director, Deborah Southon said,

    “Easy Bill Pay was designed around real customer experience. Over the past 18 years thousands of people have contacted FSA for help because they received a late notice, had received an expected bill or were continually paying late fees and they were stressed.

    Many of these people were time poor, disorganised, forgetful and in some case, just lazy. It was clear that there was a need for a service which could take care of this and that is why we develop d Easy Bill Pay.

    This makes it different from other bill payment services. It is not just a payment service it allows the user to manage their finances and ensures bills are paid and on time. Plus it is easy to use.

    A custom application of Google’s intelligence software Vision allows Easy Bill Pay to read and learn your bills so it becomes even easier with time – upload a photo, quickly browse and verify the details and then let it do all the hard work for you.”

    You’ll have to decide what you’re prepared to pay for reduced stress, but if your someone who’s paid a lot of excess fees for being late, you’re likely prepared to pay more for the peace of mind, avoiding it in the future. First-time users can trial Easy Bill Pay for free for the first 3 months, with a subscription fee of $24.95 per month thereafter.

    Naturally, there’s mobile access to the service from your mobile or phone at from their mobile, tablet or desktop. To find out more about Easy Bill Pay, and how it works, head to 

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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