eBay’s used phone market is soaring in anticipation of the Galaxy S4 launch


    With tonight being the big night for the Australian launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 device, people are rushing to sell their old phones on eBay to fund their new life companion. Right now on eBay there are roughly 65,000 listings for the Galaxy S3 and its accessories.

    Similar occurences have happened in the past with big iPhone launches – last September their were 403,482 older model iPhones on sale in anticipation to buying the latest and greatest iPhone.

    Megan English, eBay Trend Watcher said: “Whilst it’s not an exact science, the more listings for older models of phones on eBay in the days before the expected release of its successor is a good indication of its popularity.”

    According to English iPhone sales double that of Galaxy S III devices but Samsung is quickly catching up, “around 15 iPhones are sold per hour on eBay in comparison to 7 Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but Samsung is really gaining in popularity and fast. Year on year figures show that the purchasing of Samsung items has grown 100%.” she said.

    It’s no secret that Aussies are obsessed with both mobile phones and smart phones with 100,000 mobiles sold on eBay this year already.

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