Elgato Wave XLR gives you full audio control

    Want precision audio control while streaming, then check out the Elgato Wave XLR. It’s the perfect add on to take your stream to the next level. We got our hands on one to try out and give you all the inside information.

    What is the Wave XLR?

    The Elgato Wave XLR is a compact USB interface for you to control your XLR microphone. It gives you lots of control over your microphone and allows you to control your microphone with the hardware interface. There’s no longer any need for you to try and use software to control your mic while streaming or doing audio production. It also gives you lots of added features and benefits that come with many streaming microphones.

    Setting up the Elgato Wave XLR

    The Wave XLR allows users to only input one hardware device; and only an XLR microphone. This is why the Elgato Wave XLR is designed for professional streamers and audio editors.

    There’s a few things you’ll need to setup if you want to use the Wave XLR for streaming and audio production. The Wave XLR only works with the Wave Link software. Install the software on your computer and connect your Wave XLR to your computer. The Wave Link software works on Windows 10 computers, and now macOS. You’ll need to use the provided USB C cable to connect the mixer to the PC.

    Elgato Wave XLR with USB-C cable

    The USB-C cable is perfect for most streaming and audio setups. It’s a really long cable so it doesn’t matter where your microphone sits in relation to the Wave XLR. You’ll be able to easily fit it around your current setup.

    Once you’ve connected it all up and installed the software, it’s time to start using the Wave XLR.

    Using the Wave XLR

    You’ll need the Wave Link software to use the Wave XLR. If you want to monitor the sound output of your microphone, you’ll also need to connect your headset to the 3.5mm audio jack.

    Connectors are all neatly sitting on the back plate of the Wave XLR.

    The hardware interface is so easy to use while on your microphone. The giant button on the front is clean and ergonomic, perfect for both large and small hands. I like the intuitiveness of the Wave XLR. Push on the giant big button to cycle between inputs – microphone, headset, and monitor mix. Once you’re on the device, you can then dial the big button to change volume. On the microphone, rotating the dial will change the gain/loss. Whilst on the headset, the dial will change the volume of your headset. The button is not only big, but has a nice tactile feel to it.

    Love the white lights, tactile dial, and how the lights clearly show what gain/loss you’re sitting on.

    The back “mute” button is perfect for quickly tapping to mute the volume. It’s in easy reach and only requires a light tap. Once on mute, I like the way the front dial changes from white light to red light. This is a super neat touch.

    Wave XLR is muted when all the lights are red.

    The Wave Link software isn’t just required to use the Wave XLR, but it will add some sweet effects to your microphone. When you start up the Wave Link software, it should detect your device. If it does, you’ll get the “Welcome to Wave Link” screen.

    Screenshot by TechAU

    This whole setup process was super easy. There’s a step-by-step walkthrough where you’ll choose your devices, output, channels, and audio application. The Wave Link software itself allows you to add up to nine audio channels for you to control. However not all these will be able to be controlled by the Wave XLR hardware. But by having the Wave XLR, you’ll be able to use the power of the Wave Link software.

    User need to have an Elgato Wave product to use the Wave Link software. (Screenshot by TechAU)

    Now you’re good to go. The Wave Link software will give you lossless monitoring of your XLR microphone, and you can use the software to change output and input volume, add various enhancements, and even change the colour of the LEDs on the Wave XLR dial!

    So many settings to configure (Screenshot by TechAU)

    Lovely design, get it now

    One of my favourite things about the Wave XLR is the design. It’s clean, and neat. It fits nicely into any setup, and has a minimalist feel. It’s roughly the same size and shape as the standard Elgato Stream deck. Side by side, they are perfect companions.

    If you want to add this to your setup, you can get the Wave XLR starting at $239 AUD, depending on the retailer. They are in hot demand, so supplies may be limited. Amazon AU is probably your best bet if you can’t wait to get the Wave XLR.

    Michelle Mannering
    Michelle Mannering
    Mish is the Hackathon Queen, having participated in more than 100 events. Between being a Developer and Twitch streamer, Mish also finds time to pursue her keen interest in driving entrepreneurial culture in Melbourne's Melbourne’s esports industry and has founded several tech companies.

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