Elon Accessories offer productivity, style and storage for the Tesla Model 3

    Almost everyone who gets a car uses it for a while, then wishes some things were slightly different. With vehicles being mass produced, it’s only natural our personal preferences mean we want different things from our cars.

    This is really true, regardless of which price bracket the car lands in and that includes the still expensive Tesla Model 3, starting at close to $80k in Aussie dollaroos.

    Now the car has been on the market a few years in the US, 3rd party accessories are now fairly extensive. One aftermarket accessory maker that I recently took a look at was Elon Accessories who were nice enough to send through a number of their products to take a look at.

    Car Tray Table turns your car into an office

    Often when I’m supercharging, I have my laptop with me and want to get some work done. Previously I’ve either tried using it on my knees, or on the center console, neither of which are great ergonomically.

    With the tray table, you simply turn your wheel upside down (tip soon), anchor the reversible tray table on the wheel and you have a quick and easy desk to use.

    One side of the tray table is a surface that’s useful for holding your food, like a burger, wrap or desert from your favourite takeaway restaurant. Of course you have the cup holders right next to you for drinks.

    Flip the tray table over and you have the flat surface, perfect for a laptop or tablet which I think actually works really great. The tray table comes in a nice cloth cover and can be stored under the passenger seat, the frunk, or in the lower storage area of the boot. Now for the tip.

    If you’ve parked, you won’t be able to easily rotate the wheel upside down to add the tray. My tip is to load up the game, Beach Buggy Racing 2. This immediately releases the wheel and allows you to easily rotate 180 degrees.

    Center Console Organizer

    Since the day I got my Model 3, I’ve always struggled with a good place to store my sunglasses. Many SUVs, including my wife’s CRV, features dedicated sunglasses storage in the roof.

    While the storage bins are generous, I don’t want my glasses floating around and potentially being scratched. This center console organizer is actually perfect for this and the rubberised insert ensures there’s no rattles.

    Personally, I have moved to a cashless life, so have no use for the coin space, but for those who still use cash and dare to take their car through the car wash, this space could also be handy.

    The final smaller storage area is for smaller items and somewhere I love to store my wireless headphones. I often walk around home listening to podcasts and when I need to jump in the car, I need somewhere to store them and this is a great solution to the problem. You could also use this for a garage door opener if you don’t have HomelLink.

    Premium pedal upgrade

    I purchased the Model 3 Performance, but the stealth or P- version without some premium trims. It doesn’t have the carbon fiber spoiler, the bigger wheels or brakes, and actually comes with plain black rubber pedals which is the same for the SR+ models as well.

    To upgrade the look of your pedals is actually one of the easiest mods you can make to your car. Installation takes just a couple of minutes and simply requires slipping the accelerator cover over the existing pedal. For the brake, you’ll remove the stock black rubber cover and replace it with the new premium pedal cover.

    The Brake Pedal, Accelerator Pedal and Dead Pedal covers are a high-quality aluminum finish with rubber strips to ensure you never slip, even with wet shoes.

    There’s no drilling or permanent change, so you can always go back.

    I use the stock car mats that come with a section that covers the foot rest, but those with aftermarket car mats that don’t, could also apply the dead pedal cover with just some 3M adhesive, provided on the back.

    More information at Elon Accessories.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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