Elon says FSD V12 is ‘almost a total rewrite’, in testing by QA drivers

    In the latest reply to Whole Mars on X, Elon Musk shared new detail on the timeline for new FSD Beta releases. In reply to a statement about the further release of the current latest consumer build v11.4.6, Musk replied with the following:

    You mean 11.4.7? That should be going to wide release within a week. Version 12, which an almost total rewrite (~99% AI) is being tested by our QA drivers. Too much new code to go to the public yet, but it is mind-blowing imo.

    On July 27th, Musk posted about his experience testing V12 for the first time, where he also said it was mind-blowing, it seems he likes that phrase.

    To refresh those that don’t follow these releases as closely, version 12 contins the big rewrite, end-to-end (vision-in, control out), which you can read more of the detail here on what that means.

    In theory, this is the unlock that would lead to the hands-off, eyes off driving autonomous driving we’ve been waiting for.

    Version 11.4.7 is likely to include bug fixes and small updates, so it feels a little like we’re now treading water until the real build arrives. To suggest the build would be ready for a wide release within a week is ambitious, as the typical path is to be deployed on employee / ADAS tester vehicles, which is quickly followed by release notes leaking online, which is followed by release to the early OG public testers, which is then followed by wide release if Tesla is happy with the data from the field.

    Tesla has not committed to a firm date for the release of V12, but it appears to be a good sign that it has progressed from priliminary testing by Musk 2 weeks ago, to now be in testing by their QA team. While it’s not ready for consumer testing, it certainly appears that we’ll see it in customer cars well before the end of 2023.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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