Engadget banned from Reddit (Updated)


    Big news today on Reddit, they have banned all links to Engadget. As one of the largest tech sites, this will undoubtedly have a severe effect on traffic to the website. Reddit say they have been banned for ‘shilling and vote cheating’ as well as spam activity. While it’s great for users to submit links to your site organically, doing it systematically and gaming the system is a big no no.

    The ban is site wide and effects all users attempting to submit a new link to an Engadget article (see below). One saving grace is that existing Engadget links still fire, at least for now. This is a big warning to all sites that use Reddit, use it within the guidelines or you too may suffer the ban hammer.

    John Colucci who takes care of Social Media at Engadget worked with @Reddit to get the ban lifted. Thanks to @ow for the tip.



    More information @ Reddit/r/Android

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