evaSMART: the smart personal air conditioner launches in Australia

    Launching in Australia today is a new smart air conditioner from Evapolar. I’ve always considered air conditioning as a whole house affair, but the evaSMART EV-3000 provides the option to cool smaller spaces and save energy if you live in a smaller place, or spend most of your time in a smaller room (up to 4m²).

    evaSMART is an IoT device, powered by USB and comes with the ability to integrate with the likes of Amazon Alexa at launch, and the company plans to deliver Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Samsung Smarter Things support in future software updates. Personally I think IFTTT integration could be the biggest inclusion as a recipe like ‘When I arrive home, turn on evaSMART’ or ‘When I leave home, turn off evaSMART’ would automate the process if the temperature is within a set range.

    evaSMART’s cooler uses patented mineral nanomaterial EvaBreeze cartridges that last between 3-6 months and cost US30.00. By using this material instead of traditional cellulose pads, evaSMART’s evaporative pads absorb one hundred times more water than the materials used within conventional evaporative air coolers available today. This in turn enables a much higher level of cooling power compared with bulky evaporative air cons and all contained within a small, portable unit.

    ​​Evapolar’s features include:

    • AIR – 3-in-1: evaSMART cools, humidifies and purifies the air in the personal zone up to 4 square metres
    • SMART – supports integrations with connected home systems. At launch Amazon Alexa will be integrated, and in future software updates Google Home, Samsung Smart Things and Apple Home Kit will be added
    • CONTROL – Through its dedicated mobile app, users can control cooling and airflow settings from their smartphones or tablets
    • EFFICIENT & ECO FRIENDLY – no toxic Freon-like liquid and uses only 12W of electricity to provide up to 400W of cooling power
    • CARTRIDGE – 3-6 months life. In-built smart chip indicates how much of the cartridge has been used and sends reminders for when it needs changing
    • TANK – larger water tank means evaSMART can last 6-8 hours before needing to be refilled. It means you can stay cool during your work day or whilst asleep during the night with no need to refill
    • DESIGN – Slick and stylish design making it perfect for the home or office. Available in multiple colours too – Opaque White, Coal Black and Stormy Grey. The device’s LED lighting means users can change the look to match their home or office interior design

    In terms of size, its dimensions are: 217 x 184 x 207 mm and weighs 1.82kg. The controllable LED on the side makes it inviting, approachable and more friendly in kids rooms, but generally just looks cooler than your average air con. The EV-3000 also acts as a humidifier purifying air quality, removing dust particles to ease breathing. The water tank capacity is 1300ml which needs to be refilled every 6-8 hours. The device is available in Opaque White, Coal Black, and Stormy Grey,

    Business Development Director for Evapolar, Irina Yakubovskaya said,

    Australia is a unique market for Evapolar. For different countries we see different use cases of Evapolar personal air conditioners but in Australia there is a combination of them. e are thrilled to be entering the market that has so many early adopters of innovative technologies, real gadget lovers, outdoors lifestyle enthusiasts, people who really care about the use of electricity and looks for energy-efficient solutions and those who opt for better quality and mindful living.

    evaSMART has announced their first Australian partnership with Kogan, one of the biggest online retailers in the country.

    The evaSMART is available to purchase in Australia for A$360.00 from the Evapolar website. Shipping worldwide is available. Evapolar continues to grow its footprint across the globe, building on its channel ecosystem and strategic network of partners.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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