F1 2017 Gameplay trailer shows off massive 115 development upgrades

    The latest gameplay trailer for F1 2017 has been released by developers Codemasters. This trailer focuses on the comprehensive Career Mode in this year’s version of the game. Not only that, but we also learn that there’s a crazy level of vehicle upgrades on offer, 115 to be exact, which is 4.5x F1 2016. This better reflects the reality of Formula 1 where teams are constantly iterating components to improve performance on the car. There’s aerodynamic, chassis, engine, turbo, electronics and more that you can set your R&D department loose on to get an advantage on the track.

    In an effort to further reflect the realism of the sport, reliability with play a key role in your racing experience. Painfully the trailer shows poor Fernando Alonso in the McLaren Honda breaking down, kind of too accurate there Codemasters.

    Now here’s what you’re here for, the new trailer.

    In F1 2017’s Career Mode, you’ll receive invitations to special events at key points during the regular F1 season. These events will unleash you on drive 12 classic F1 cars in a host of different events including overtake challenges, pursuit events, checkpoint, and time attack challenges. The classic cars are also playable in all other areas of the game, and can be raced as both single and multi-class races.

    As well as the 20 official circuits from the current season, F1 2017 introduces four new shortened circuits at Britain, Bahrain, USA and Japan, while also allowing players to take on the iconic Monaco street circuit at night, complete with stunning visuals.

    Creative Director, Lee Mather says,

    “The Career Mode was a big hit last year and we are building on those incredibly strong foundations to create an even deeper, more rounded experience for F1 2017. We have added female driver avatars, new paddock locations and a new character as well as greatly increasing the scope for developing your team and car. All of this, we feel, combined with the addition of the iconic classic cars this year, means that F1 2017 offers gamers the ultimate F1 experience yet.”

    August 25th  can’t come soon enough with the release of F1 2017 spanning the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam) – please stop buying games on DVD, seriously, stop it. Those who pre-order or purchase ‘Day One’ copies of F1 2017 will have access to the iconic 1988 McLaren MP4/4, as part of the ‘F1 2017 Special Edition’. Alternatively, the McLaren MP4/4 car will be available to be purchased at a later date. The eleven other classic cars are available in all editions of the game.

    In the lead up to the game’s release, you can stay on top of all the news by following Codemasters F1 games blog and social channels on Twitter and Facebook for future news, Youtube for video content, and visit the product website for additional information or to pre-order the game.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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