Foxtel feeling the heat from Freeview ?

    Foxtel vs Freeview

    Announced today, Foxel will bolster their offerings with an additional 12 new channels and upgrading 15 other to HD. If that wasn’t enough, they’re adding online delivery via Foxtel Download. This allows users to watch movies and tv shows on their computers.

    There’s even specialty events that will get multi-channel coverage, which will also be available online. What technology Foxtel Download is built on is not yet known, but the wait isn’t exactly a long one with the new updates going online November 15th 2009.

    If your a Foxtel subscriber, your probably wondering how much this extra content will cost..

    As part of Next Generation, packages will increase by a few dollars a month, but subscribers will be given a recording player IQ, for free.

    So my question is what prompted this update ? Could it be that the Freeview marketing campaign is actually impacting the Pay TV market ? Of is it just the fact that the once promised advertising-free pay tv service is now littered with as many adverts as free-to-air offerings and has alienated consumers to the point where they’d rather save the cash ?

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