Game Room now available on Xbox 360, may not load.

    Game Room 

    Game Room on Xbox Live allows gamers to get their retro on! If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s then there’s plenty of games you had hours of fun with. Sadly the consoles they ran on are long forgotten. Microsoft are bringing back some of those old-school games in Game Room.

    To download Game Room, check out the Latest Releases section of the Games Marketplace, once installed, you control your Avatar in a 3D arcade.

    For the new generation who never experienced these games the first time round, it’s an opportunity to appreciate how far we’ve come in gaming technology.


    It appears the launch of Game Room has been marred by widespread issues. Users are getting stuck at the Loading screen. A longwinded workaround is available from the guys over at Destructoid. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson posted this earlier..


    Maybe the Xbox 360 is just too powerful.

    More @ XboxAustralia

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