GeForce Experience optimisation tool-kit offers nearly 50% FPS gains


    In a recent hands on session with Nvidia’s new GeForce Experience tool-kit, PC Gamer is reporting that a few clicks on the new software can result in almost double FPS gains on some systems.

    PC Gamer reports that it only works with Fermi-based series cards from 400 up, however at that point the results vary in terms of final output. But how does a program do what hardcore enthusiasts like myself have done manually for years? Quite simply, really. “GFE is basically an entry into our cloud,” reports Ben Berraondo, Senior PR at GeForce. “We have massive data farms with thousands of GPUs, CPUs, OSs, we test all of the games on there – we run it through our processes and we pump out the best settings we think are available for your particular hardware. Then it’s just one-click and it optimises your settings.”

    Nvidia visited the PC Gamer offices and ran a beta build of the software on their laptop, a system currently running a GTX 660M. While not an entry level GPU, the 660M doesn’t have much grunt for higher end effects which often produce the best aesthetic results. As a base, the 660M was playing Assassin’s Creed III at 35 FPS on default settings. After a few clicks, GFE had switched the resolution to native and gotten it to 50 FPS. Impressive.

    As I mentioned before, most enthusiasts know all about tweaking their experience, which is why Nvidia is targeting this program at a more casual audience. “This is more for someone who might be getting into PC gaming, might be buying their first serious upgrade.” Berraondo added, “They might turn into more of an enthusiast the more they get into it.”

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