General Motors unveils an EV Hummer with 560km+ range, Super Cruise, underbody cameras and removable top

    The legacy automakers are finally getting into the EV game, with General Motors the latest to announce a new electric vehicle. Following on from Ford’s Mach-E, GMC just announced details of their electric Hummer.

    The Hummer has traditionally had terrible efficiency rates, but like the Mustang, has a large fan base, so taking that big, beefy truck and electrifying it is a bold decision.

    GM’s launch was stunningly short, with no passionate CEO on stage, but rather just a quick launch video streamed to the world, followed by the website for reservations going live.

    Now for the specs.

    The GMC Hummer looks like a really capable off road truck with great ground clearance, 35″ tyres and some new tricks like the ability to drive diagonally using a feature call Crabwalk.

    Hummer are taking the now well established route of launching with the most expensive model first, then bringing down the price of alternative models over the coming year.

    There are 4 models in the lineup.

    • Hummer EV Edition 1 – Available Fall 2021 – Starting at US$112,595
    • Hummer EV 3X – Available Fall 2022 – Starting at US$99,995
    • Hummer EV 2X – Available Spring 2023 – Starting at US$89,995
    • Hummer EV 2 – Available Spring 2024 – Starting at US$79,995.

    GM will start with a tri-model, not unlike Tesla’s Cybertruck, then move down the line to dual motors.

    In terms of range, the Edition 1 features 350 miles, or around 560km, while the cheapest EV2, will get just 250 miles, or 400km from a single charge. It is important to remember that once you add weight, or decide to tow something, that range will be reduced significantly.

    When it comes to the interior design, Hummer have done a really good job of keeping things modern. Most of the controls now digital, using a dual-screen approach. There’s a large center display, along with a digital dashboard in front of the driver.

    In terms of automation, the Hummer will feature GM Super Cruise which allows for hands-free driving and automatic lane changes on the highways. This is currently limited to select routes, which GM says is available on 200,000 miles of road, all of which is in the US.

    When it comes to charging, the Hummer EV features support for 800V DC fast chargers at a rate of up to 350kW in select models. This can provide close to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. When the Hummer is charging, they use the lights of the vehicle as a charging indicator, smart.

    It’s not clear on Hummer’s international strategy, or whether we’ll see the Hummer in Australia, but all EVs are welcome.

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