Genius launches the All-in-One Mouse and Camera…

    Genius Camera & Mouse.

    Taiwanese PC peripheral manufacturer Genius has unveiled an interesting take on the wired mouse, recently– namely, the addition of a small camera to the base of their unit’s housing.

    The All-in-One Mouse and Camera hides a small 2.0 Megapixel sensor which can be used to take snaps when a notebook or tablet just seems a little too awkward for capturing those last-minute lecture notes.
    For under $40, the All-in-One Mouse and Camera is bundled with a small software package that allows a user to forward captured images directly to their favourite social network or navigate to a QR Code’s endpoint. By simply sliding a latch on the base of the device up or down, one can quickly toggle between the different mouse and camera “modes”.

    Although this product is interesting, one cannot help but wonder if there really is room in our notebook bags for such a device– especially when a smartphone can perform all of these functions, and more.
    Nonetheless, if you’re after a PC accessory that will allow you to capture images of random people on the street, your favourite blue dress or a casual ‘selfie’, then Genius’ All-in-One Mouse and Camera is a top choice.



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