Google Chrome Browser, beta available tomorrow.

    Google today let the cat out of the bag a little earlier than planned. A cartoon book on Google Books identifies the features in Google’s new browser.

    Do we really need yet another browser ? The browser market already includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock and many more.

    That said Google are taking a slightly different approach in creating their version of a browser. Perhaps the most noteworthy is each tab and extension will get their very own share of your memory. By separating each into their own process, Google hopes to limit crashes to a tab and associate the blame for the crash to its rightful owner.


    The UI will be slightly different to the competitions offerings, with the search and tab bars being inverted. Also get ready for Chrome to be loaded full of Google-orientated services – Reader, Docs, Suggest, Mail etc.

    Google’s chrome will also feature an In Private mode, similar to that we’ve recently seen in IE8 beta 2. This prevents visited sites from being recorded in your history and when closing the window, your cookies are removed.

    Being aware that consumers are using an ever increasing number of web applications, Google Chrome will allow web apps to launch in a frameless window, appearing more as a desktop application.

    Also opening a new tab will provide you with a list of your most visited sites, along with most common searches.


    I’ll call it now, expect to see Google Chrome Mobile for their Android platform very shortly.

    More @ Google

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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