Google launches dedicated iOS app for YouTube


    Developers have had to deal with the lack of a YouTube app for months now, as it’s no longer included in iOS6. With the impending iPhone 5 / iOS6 event, a dedicated YouTube app is now available in the App Store. The app does as you’d expect, provides access to the latest videos, videos you’ve uploaded as well as the ability to share with other social networks.

    Surprisingly some of these seemingly basic features weren’t available in the YouTube app included with previous versions of iOS. Sharing a YouTube video was actually strangely difficult to do from the old app. One of the best things now available to YouTube is they can update the app independently of the OS. The consequence of course is that they won’t get immediate adoption on every iOS device.

    The main timeline view showcases your video subscriptions and is very much like the Google+ app, just with videos.

    You can download the new YouTube app from here –

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