Google Nexus One, shipping to Australia ? A: No.

    Google Nexus One Australia
    Image credit: Engadget

    The latest and greatest Smart Phone is about have its very own launch event in the US. If your really keen, you can tune into the Gizmodo Liveblog at 1PM US Eastern Time (Around 8am AEDST) tomorrow morning to get all the juicy details.

    The Nexus One is particularly interesting as it’ll be the first phone to run Android OS 2.1. Pricing leaks indicate a US$530 unlocked. Don’t bother with a US-to-Aus converter, we’re all familiar with the Australian Electronics tax. My guess is you should expect around the A$700-A$800 range. I wouldn’t expect any Australian carrier support and subsidy tomorrow, although that may come in the future. Engadget got hands on with what they believe to be the production model and just posted a very timely review [Engadget].

    What is interesting, is that the leaked Nexus One documentation, is this little gem – “There is language in the agreement of shipping outside the US”. Can we conclude from this that the Nexus One will be available via Google’s website with delivery options for Australia ? It’s hard to be sure at this point. Good news is we’ll know soon enough – tomorrow.

    I love my iPhone, but I also really want there to be a viable alternative.

    Overnight the Google event happened and the official site is now live – – you’ll notice when visiting the site from an Australian IP, the right hand side of the page has this message – “Sorry, the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.”

    As pointed out by GDGt’s coverage – “As of today Google is shipping to US, UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.”

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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