Google Street View Australia, amazing coverage!

    Google have released Street View for Australia this morning with some amazing coverage. What was expected to be the typical, captical cities first, then regional areas (when we get around to it), Google really deserves congratulations for doing some hard kms.

    Those quick to criticise will point out the fact that not everywhere in Australia has been captured, well that’s hardly surprising given the enormous task of actually having to drive down every street to capture the images. With the coverage that was released today, Google has surely had a fleet of Google Street View equipped cars touring Australia snapping pics to create the amazing 360 degree panoramas from all across Australia.

    Google Street View Australia

    The blue lines in the picture above indicate the coverage that Google Street View has across Australia.

    Google street view - Australia - Surfers Paradise

    Of course one of Google Street View’s greatest benefits is the ability to check out holiday destinations prior to actually going there. While the images aren’t super high quality if your moving along a street (click the on-screen arrows or use the arrows on your keyboard), then you will shift a fair bit of data. Experiencing Google Street View on a fast connection, 8Mb+ is a great experience.

    Google street view Australia

    I managed to get my car snapped while parked at work.

     Google Street View Australia

    Head over to Google Maps to search for your place in Street View.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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