Halo 3.. first impressions

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    So I’m sure most of you were sleeping while I was having my first look at Halo3. I jumped straight into single player and had a blast. Nothing 2 ground breaking, however I really enjoyed the experience. I’m sure having the game before most went a long way towards that.

    I’m roughly 3 hours into the single player campaign, and falling asleep, I’ll play heaps more 2moro. Initial impressions of the game is that it’s a good solid game, there are a couple of ‘that’s cool’ moments, but on the whole there hasn’t been anything that’s blown my mind. Graphics certainly are improved over Halo 2, there’s still some room for improvement in this area. Sound is one of the best qualities of this game, do yourself a favour.. if you don’t have surround sound, get it, and quick!

    I thought I’d check out how the multiplayer finished up (I played the beta), turns out although there’s 3676 Gamers Online, I can’t connect to a game over xbox live. Will try again 2moro, I mean today.. definitely time 4 bed.

    Update: After playing my way through to level 7 out of 9, in a little under 17 hours (including some sleep), I’m more and more impressed as the game goes on. I also stopped 2 check out multiplayer, the level editor, and replays. All really cool features obviously a dish best served with friends, so I’ll leave most of that till our Halo3 party on Friday. I’m really happy with Halo 3, I’ve found that I’ve been unable 2 put the controller down, it’s very addictive. If you own an xbox 360 and like First person shooters, this is definitely a must have!

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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