Hands-on with the Gran Turismo 6 demo

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    Recently the Grand Turismo demo was unleashed on the PS3. As we head into the next generation of consoles, the latest edition of the long running driving franchise is eagerly awaited. This demo arrives at a strange time, essentially at the end of the PS3’s life and that’s the first platform we get to experience it on.

    Looking forward to the end of the year the PS4 will be released after which we will get a serious look at the new graphics power afforded by new hardware. The GT6 demo comes to us in the form of a GT Academy which gets you behind the wheel of the Nissan Leaf and the 370Z on the legendary Silverstone Circuit.

    Once again my biggest issue with GT6 is not it’s visuals, just like in GT5 Prologue, there’s no damage engine. For a title that calls itself the ‘real driving simulator’, it needs to replicate the driving experience in every single way and a big part of racing is consequences for running into cars or guard rails.

    Ultimately the take away is that the 1GB GT6 demo on PS3 isn’t really what we’ll be getting out of GT6, it’s a bit of something new and driving fans with a PS3 should check it out. Just don’t get your hopes up. Use it as an opportunity to race against your friends, but there’s 2 cars, 1 track and no damage.. it’s very early.

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