High-tech products to help you stay warm this Winter

    Maybe it’s just me, but this Australian Winter, seems to be the longest and coldest in years. As I look at the output from our solar system, its obvious the sun has been hiding for a good couple of months now.

    It’s time to forget about ordering an oodie off TikTok and time to get serious with this selection of new products available to help you remain warm and cosy throughout the winter.

    These high-tech gadgets and new takes on familiar items can make a world of difference no matter how or where you tackle the colder months. From home appliances and travel gear to smart technology that breaks new ground, here are five new products to help you beat the winter chill.

    1. Breville BodyZone Antibacterial Electric Blanket (AUD$199 – AUD$279)

    If you run hot and your partner runs cold, then this is the heating solution for your bedroom. BodyZone is a fitted electric blanket from Breville that features six individual heating zones, so you will never have to settle for anything less than ideal.

    The settings can be adjusted automatically or manually for fine-tuning with timing functions suitable for 1 to 9 hours. 

    The product is rated for over 1,500 hours of use, so you can expect to rely on this handy electric blanket for many winters to come. You control the blanked using user-friendly LCD controllers.

    2. Zarkie Heated Socks (A$189)

    Of all the new products on the list, it’s the Zarkie Heated Socks that stand out as most innovative. These socks can keep your feet warm whether you’re hiking through alpine regions or just prone to cold feet—in the literal sense.

    A heating element located beneath the toes works with the shoes to trap heat before it travels up the legs to the rest of your body. 

    The Zarkie Heated Socks are charged via USB and can last for over 9 hours on the lowest setting.

    The socks are made from soft cotton and are machine washable like any ordinary pair. A compact remote is included for your convenience, making these some of the best gadgets to keep you warm.

    3. Avenger 25 Rinnai Gas Heater (AUD$1,388)

    The Avenger 25 is a premium Rinnai gas heater capable of heating large living spaces while keeping running costs to a minimum. These heaters achieve room-filling warmth at a fast rate managed via easy-to-use controls and multiple timer settings. It also comes with remote control, which means your optimal settings are always within reach. 

    Coming in with a 5.8-star efficiency rating, the Avenger 25 is one efficient gas heater and an economical alternative to the plethora of inefficient electric heaters. This is one of Rinnai’s new products for homes concerned about energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

    You will need a licensed HVAC technician an appropriate gas connection point, for your new heater installation

    4. Ember Temperature Control Mug (A$170 – A$300)

    How often do you find yourself enjoying a warm coffee or tea, only for it to go cold before you reach the bottom? Ember is putting an end to this everyday dilemma with its new products, those being temperature-controlled mugs.

    You can choose between a traditional ceramic mug with a handle or an insulated travel mug, and then enjoy hours’ worth of heat. The Ember mugs can even be adjusted to your ideal temperature via smartphone. So, these high-tech gadgets ensure your tea, coffee, chai, or mulled wine is never too hot or cold.  

    A built-in battery takes care of the heat, while the included charging coaster keeps the battery topped up between drinks. These smart camping mugs can be washed by hand just like any other mug but provides additional benefits! 

    5. Jacquard Levi’s Trucker Jacket by Google (A$198)

    The last of the new products is a stretch for the heating category but a must-have for the fashion-forward amongst us. This classic Levi’s Trucker Jacket comes equipped with Google Jacquard technology, which sees a small, removable chip add smart functions to what’s considered a wardrobe staple. 

    Simple gestures allow you to take selfies, activate your virtual assistant, play music, change tracks, and more via the jacket.

    Google Jacquard is a tiny black chip that fits in the sleeve. It can then be removed for your usual clothing care routine and inserted back into your Levi’s Trucker Jacket when you’re ready to face the winter chill.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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