Home updates to 1.04, drops voice, fixes issues, ads NEW CONTENT

    This morning PlayStation released a much needed update to the Home beta. Now moving the version number up to 1.04.

    A few changes in this update, first of all the voice has been “temporarily disabled”, which isn’t exactly distressing as most was intrusive and annoying.

    Connections issues should be largely taken care of now. If your still experiencing issues after the update let me know by leaving a comment.

    The update also requires users to re-download the environments, which is a little annoying, however there is some new content, some of which is free.


    Re-downloading environments is more than annoying, after spending quite a while, buying some furniture and arranging my club room, it’s now all reset. Oh the joys of being a beta tester. You have been warned.

    PS3 Home update 1.04 PS3 Home update 1.04
    Before                                                    After

    In the Shopping Centre users can buy furniture, clothing etc from stores. The store Threads had previously occupied both the ground floor and the first floor. After the update today the ground floor shop has now changed to Diesel.

    PS3 Home update 1.04
    PS3 Home update 1.04 PS3 Home update 1.04 PS3 Home update 1.04

    There’s also a new store for furniture – ligne roeet
    PS3 Home update 1.04 PS3 Home update 1.04 PS3 Home update 1.04

    More @ PlayStation Blog via Kotaku

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