Honda’s NeuV is an EV with a wild ultrawide touchscreen dash

    Meet the Honda NeuV, a pure-electric concept car with AI that Honda call an ‘emotion engine’. This system actually learns about its driver. 

    The NeuV (pronounced “new-vee”), which stands for New Electric Urban Vehicle, was conceived to take advantage of the fact that privately-owned vehicles sit idle for 96 per cent of the time.

    The pure-electric concept car explores a financially-beneficial ownership model for enterprising customers, by functioning as an automated ride sharing vehicle when the owner is not using the car. It would pick up and drop off customers at local destinations, and could also sell energy back to the electric grid during times of high demand when it‘s sitting idle, further monetising the vehicle’s down time.

    Called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant), picks up on the driver behaviour, then applies what it has learnt from the driver’s past decisions to make new choices and recommendations.

    All that’s great but it’s the massive touchscreen that is perhaps the most impressive demonstration of thinking at Honda. A full touch-panel interface enables both the driver and passenger to access NeuV’s simple and convenient user experience. 

    Outstanding outward visibility is afforded by a sweeping panoramic windscreen and a dramatically sloping belt line that make manoeuvring simple. 

    Entry and exit from the vehicle is made as easy as possible, even in tight parking spaces, with a complete side panel that opens out and backwards to create a large opening.

    NeuV has two seats with luggage space behind, which also stores the ‘Kick ’n Go’ electric scooter concept designed for ‘last mile’ transit. The scooter concept is inspired by Honda’s original scooter of the same name launched in the 1970s. The new design is powered by a detachable battery rather than a chain mechanism and can be recharged through a connection in NeuV’s luggage space. The new ‘Kick ’n Go’ concept demonstrates that Honda is looking at all aspects of affordable electric mobility that can enrich people’s daily lives.

    Honda recently demonstrated NeuV as part of its ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’ at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, showing the potential power of artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to transform the mobility experience of the future and improve customers’ quality of life. The brand’s exploration into electrification will not stop at cars – Honda’s intention is to develop electrified and efficient power solutions for all of its product areas, including motorcycles and power tools.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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