How is this guy not dead? Aussie sets Guinness World Record for playing video games


    Aussie Okan Kaya has just set a new Guinness World Record, actually he didn’t just beat it, he smashed it. Fans of the Call of Duty franchise will appreciate someone not wanting to put down the controller, but this is ridiculous. Sales Manager at online retailer 4Cabling, Kaya broke the record with a stunning 121 hour run.

    Basically the moment Call of Duty Black Ops 2 came out, he started playing and more than 5 days later he smashed the record. Previously the record was held by Canada with 120 hrs and 7 minutes, insert Aussie chants here.

    There’s been many late nights in my life but the longest streak I’ve ever done is 35 hrs and my brain stopped function on any reasonable level. Just thinking about being that tired you’d be after 121 hours is unnerving. Lack of sleep can do some seriously bad things to your body and in some instances people have died. Kaya had regular health checkups throughout the world record attempt, continued to exercise, and was able to take a total of 20 hours of breaks since last Tuesday.

    The whole event was streamed live on uStream –

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