HTC One MAX also prints your finger behind a 5.9” screen


    The HTC One is one of the companies most successful devices and now its getting a big brother. The HTC One Max features a massive 5.9” screen which places it firmly in the giant but becoming normal, massive phone category. When Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note, I was critical, but am man enough to say I was wrong.

    After the miniaturization of phones during the 2000’s, we’re now in a maximizing phase where the large display is magically powered by batteries that last longer than an hour. While the HTC One Max is one of the first Android devices to ship with 4.3, the EFTM Review highlights the long list of accessories that really set it apart from the competition.

    Accessories for the One Max include a Boom Box speaker, covers, removable back and a remote control. Yep a freaking phone with a remote. It makes sense when you think about the horsepower inside a modern smartphone, it can be the brains behind your home entertainment system. 

    Fellow Aussie site, EFTM has gone hands on with the Max, head over there for a hands-on review.

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