HTC “shutting down” data synchronisation via

    As an HTC device owner that utilises the popular Sense Interface, you may be using HTC’s official web-based backup solution — — to create copies of the contacts, text messages, and call history stored on your handset via an HTC Sense Account. Since 2010, this has been an effective method of ensuring that some of your important data is stored in the cloud, should your device go “belly-up”. However, all of this is to change in the near future…

    Now, the Taiwanese manufacturer has begun sending a generic email to the Sense user-base, explaining that – as of April 30th – will no longer store customer backup data, and advises those who wish to obtain any information they have created copies of via to download it – in the form of a *.zip archive – by signing in to their account, and following the relevant prompts.

    Of course, this isn’t the end of the online Sense experience, as HTC states that is simply “undergoing a renovation to improve the services and value (it) delivers”, so it’s very possible that HTC have an improved backup solution waiting in the wings, perhaps even more. Although nothing official has been confirmed in relation to said renovations, the move is interesting nonetheless. Take a peek at the full email, below…

    Do you create backups of your handset’s data with If so, what changes would you like to see implemented in this upcoming “renovation” to Leave a comment below.

    Daniel Kipping
    Daniel Kipping
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