Hyundai Australia reshuffles Ioniq 5 lineup, specs and updates prices

    Hyundai has made quite a few changes to it’s Australian 2024 IONIQ 5 electric line-up, some which will make fans happy and others which won’t.

    Most of the 2022 model Ioniq 5 range show as sold out on the Hyundai Australia website but those eligible that remain in stock are marked as getting 2 years free servicing as a special offer until 30th September 2023.

    On the plus side

    • all versions now include a heat pump, battery heating system and battery conditioning as standard which means better efficiency, faster high end DC charging and better driving range especially in colder weather.
    • Australia finally has the option of the less costly smaller battery version (58 kWh) which has been available overseas for several years.
    • The mid and top level DYNAMIQ and EPIQ versions now give buyers the choice of RWD or AWD.

    On the minus side the:

    • fine print of the press release says “Outside Vehicle To Load (V2L) adapter available as an accessory”. I think removing it from being a standard inclusion is a mistake as V2L is a clear point of difference from Tesla.
    • Dynamiq RWD has risen in price by $4000, if you’ve already bought one and don’t live in an area with cold winters that can benefit from a heat pump and battery heating, you scored a great deal
    • new Ioniq 5 base 58 kWh version only has a relatively short WLTP range of 384km. Sure the inclusions and exterior design are great but is it good value for $64,500 (plus on roads) compared to cheaper Chinese cars or the Tesla Model Y which can go ~70km further?

    Personally I think the most value for money version is the new IONIQ 5 base model extended range at $70,500 plus onroads.

    Drawing on customer feedback digital mirrors, and new digital centre rear-view mirror are now offered as an option for EPIQ version as part of the newly introduced $3000 Digital Mirror Package.

    The full-display digital centre rearview mirror uses a separate rear camera to give the driver a clear view behind the vehicle, without the obstruction of passengers, cargo or even heavy rain.

    The DCM provides a 50-degree rear view angle, which is substantially greater than the 20-degree rear view angle of a conventional rearview mirror, and underpins greater safety when reversing.

    The DCM reverts to a conventional electrochromic mirror (ECM) with the flick of a lever, can be adjusted for view height and brightness, and automatically lowers the image (along with the dipping side mirrors) when reversing, for a seamless experience.

    The 2024 IONIQ 5 base version also sees the debut of a new interior, with seats upholstered in a combination of “eco-friendly” wool blend yarn, paired with eco-processed leather bolsters.

    The Australian-sourced 30% wool yarn and polyester blend seat coverings reduce CO2 in the production process by up to 24% compared to conventional polyester seat coverings.

    Pricing & Lineup

    Powertrain Battery Transmission IONIQ 5 DYNAMIQ EPIQ
    125kW 2WD 53kWh Reduction gear – rear $64,500
    168kW 2WD 77.4kWh Reduction gear – rear $70,500 $76,000 $79,500
    239kW AWD 77.4kWh Reduction gear – rear & front $80,500 $84,000



    Neerav Bhatt
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