I can has FrankArr – goodbye Frank.

Tech.Ed 07 002
Live blogging from the session…

What are u doing next?
taking 360 boxes

Flyout on Tuesday
Starts new job on Wednesday

What laptop to get ?

Moving from developer Evangelist in Australia, to pretty much everyone around the world. An Influential roll.

Will continue to blog, twitter etc.

How will you keep in touch with Football

Shows off link. – http://Kangarooandkiwipub.com

Who are you going to give ure shirt 2 ?
– going to keep his shirt.

Displays photos of guy who stole his shirt 4 years ago.

Frank tells story about the shirt. Posted it on his blog. Found shirt on eBay, got up to $150. Frank successfully bought his own shirt back. Turns out to be the same shirt, rip on pocket confirms it.

Session is being hi-jacked!

3 guys approach the stage, take over the laptop, and setup to publicly humiliate him, one guys has a guitar, so no doubt a song is on the way. 

Song is a mashup of Bye, Bye American pie… Bye bye developer guy.. Words to song being displayed on screen, people singing along.

Hug Frank session 😛

Hi-jackers leave, return to further questions

Frank explains he brought his son, uninstalled Vista, running Ubuntu linux.

Going to Seattle, has a 6 year VISA.

Q: What will you be working on?
A: Explains he’ll be extending his work in Australia to around the world.

Frank explains the move is largely to do with family.

Frank offers ‘Frank stickers’

Frank’s loosing his voice, says he needs 2 stock talking, he needs his voice for the lock note.

More hugs!!

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