Initiate Tesla Autopilot with a Single Pull with Software Update 2023.38.9. Now I have it, I’m never going back

    When I first got my Tesla Model 3 back in 2019, I quickly became familiar with the Autopilot initiation technique of pressing the right stalk down twice in quick succession. Today, it’s time to erase that process from my mind as Tesla improves the user experience, moving to a single pull.

    Tesla’s over-the-air software update version 2023.38.9 arrived on my car today and I have now had the chance to live with it a little, I love it and am never going back. According to TeslaScope, there are 45 cars in Australia with this software build, so I’m glad to be one of the first to try it out.

    Having used it now, I’m really on board with this direction for Autopilot, making the initiation of Autopilot simpler, and reducing the number of inputs, just makes sense.

    I am someone who enables Autopilot wherever and whenever I can. Whenever the AP icon shows (a wheel at the top of the screen) I turn it on. The manual will tell you this is wherever there are two painted lines on the road, but technically it really only takes 1 painted line to initiate.

    As someone who regularly disengages AP to transit multiple roundabouts, re-engaging between each one, having a faster way to engage is very welcome (until we get FSD beta where it’ll navigate roundabouts for you).

    Another big change when you enable Single Pull, is what happens when you disengage by turning the wheel. Traditionally Autosteer disengaged, but adaptive cruise control remained, so it was possible to end up in a scenario where the car accelerates up to the speed zone before you were ready (i.e. taking the 3rd exit on a roundabout). With this enabled, AP does the far more logical thing which is to completely disengage and return to manual driving.

    This leaves the driving experience being a clean-cut AP on or off, rather than something in between. This feels like a big step towards the future.. one where we may not need to initate it with and stalk movements at all.

    If you don’t like this, you can flip back to the Double Pull option, but for me, I’m done with it, Single Pull is very much the future.

    Tesla Software Update 2023.38.9 Release Notes

    You can set Autopilot to start when you pull down the right stalk once, rather than twice. To choose this setting, go to Controls > Autopilot > Autopilot Activation > Single Pull.

    Be aware that with Single Pull, when Autopilot Features is set to Autosteer (Beta), you’ll bypass Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. Similarly, when Autopilot Features is set to Full Self-Driving (Beta), you’ll bypass Autosteer (Beta) and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.

    With Single Pull, when you cancel Autosteer (Beta) or Full Self-Driving (Beta), whether you take over the steering or push up the stalk one time – you’ll immediately return to manual driving.

    As with all Autopilot features, you must continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action including cancelling the feature and returning to manual driving.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


      • So unfortunately you can’t. If you chose the single pull option, you have a situation where AP is either on or off, there’s no in between like there is with the double pull.

        You can switch back if this annoys you.

        I would like Tesla to add a left button option for people who need/want it.

        The other way to resolve this is to ship FSD Beta to Aus where engaging doesn’t require painted lines and can effectively start anywhere.

    1. This upgrade is terrible. When driving you can no longer choose between adaptive cruise control or autopilot. You can only do this when stationary

      Also the auto pilot is now worse. When you indicative the auto pilot turns off, it no longer defaults to adaptive cruise control so the car slows down.

      This is the worst upgrade I have recieved from Tesla in 4 years. I would have refused the software update if I had known the implications.

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