Insta360 Pro is an 8K 360 camera, but it costs US$2,999

    If you’ve ever experimented with 360 cameras you’ll know that the quality even the 4K versions aren’t that great because those pixels are spread across the full 360 sphere. Insta360 has announced a new 8K version that should yield significant resolution necessary to deliver a great experience, whichever direction you look.

    The magic comes from no less than 6 Fish Eye Lenses (200° each) that capture 360 images at a staggering 8192×4096 pixels and an aperture of F2.4. Video on the other hand, is can be filmed at 7680×3840@30fps. To make sure the video is silky smooth, there’s image stablisation, a very welcome addition to avoid making your viewers sick.

    The camera weighs a reasonable 1228g, but to truly capture the world in 360 degrees in great quality, you’ll put up with a heavy tennis ball in your pocket. Inside there’s a massive 5000mAh removable battery that’s good for around 75 minutes, so you can see how brutal that resolution is on battery life. Still, when you think about the back end of the production process, its unlikely your audience will ever sit through a video that long.

    The Insta360 Pro’s RRP is set to be around US$2,999 and will be available on Amazon and Insta360’s official online store in the first quarter of this year. While that’s a substantial markup on the current 4K 360 cameras at around $800-$1000, its not out of the question for real estate companies or professionals with a business model behind them. For the enthusiasts, it’ll be a while before the 8K prices comes down to affordable rates.

    More information at Insta360.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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