IoT Solutions Congress should be interesting this week


    The internet was sick this week, with massive DDOS attacks launched against DYN DNS. For those not familiar with DNS, its the service that resolves those ugly IP addresses to memorable, advertisable website addresses that you type into your browser. Think of it like an index at the library and without it, the books are still all there, but you’ve got no way to find the one you’re after.

    Part of the source of the attack is being leveled at insecure IoT devices, which are well known for prioritising convenience over security. Given that, it’s likely going to make this weeks 2016 IoT Solutions World Congress very interesting.

    Held in Barcelona from the 25th-27th of October, the IoT Solutions Congress features speakers from Intel, Toshiba, Nokia, but you’ll also find companies like Panasonic, Acer, Amazon and dozens more.

    You can guarantee the issue and industry practices being implemented in IoT devices is going to be a white hot topic of conversation.

    Intel are even hosting a hackathon, sponsored by Microsoft at the event. While hackathons are brilliant at creating innovative solutions to problems quickly, what they often lack is best practice in terms of security. Its important that these and the creations that come from the factory and are commercialised now pay acute attention to ensuring the devices ship without the ability for the bad guys to leverage known or unknown exploits.

    More information at IoT Solutions

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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