iPhone 3G returned to Apple !!


    It’s already been widely reported that there’s a problem with the white iPhone 3G, where cracks appear in the case, from the buttons or speakers to the edge of the iPhone.

    Unfortunately I now have hands on experience with the problem. A crack formed between silent switch and the edge of the screen. Although small, the phone is less than 2 months, and I’m paying a lot for the iPhone, I expect reasonable build quality. I am also concerned about additional cracks forming.

    Let me make this very clear, the phone has not been dropped and this still occurred, which is clearly due to a manufacturing fault.

    So with that I returned my iPhone to the Optus store from which it was purchased on launch day. After completing a return form, I was given an estimate of ‘a couple of weeks’ turnaround time for a new phone, while my phone is returned to Apple. From there they’ll no doubt assess the crack and come to the same conclusion the Optus staff did, it hasn’t been dropped and is a manufacturing fault.

    Not keen on being without a phone for that time I asked what happens in regards to that, well I’m now carrying around a completely contact-less old Nokia. Contacts, like everything else on the iPhone is stored on the internal memory, not the SIM card.

    Let’s see just how Apple care really is..

    As correctly pointed out by IdleFire in the comments, the iPhone is being sent back under warranty, not AppleCare.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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