iPhone Contact Coverflow

     iPhone Contact Coverflow

    Anyone who’s used coverflow on the iPod Touch or iPhone may remember using it once or twice, maybe a third time to show off, but how useful is coverflow for selecting music ? Not very.

    I think using Coverflow as to display your contact list would be a much better use of this display technique. As we become increasingly visual creatures browsing by photos of your contacts becomes more important. Currently the only benefit to adding attaching a photo to contacts is so it displays in a tiny square once you entered into the contacts details.

    Sure hitting Contacts, then turning the device sideways and bringing up Contacts Coverflow has to be a better way of finding the person your after. Especially when it’s not a close friend that you happen to know both the first and last name of. Perhaps your doctor or taxi driver that you only see once in a blue moon could be accessed more efficiently by scanning through photos.

    Apple have tried to solve the problem of sorting through a large number of contacts in Software 2.0 by adding search to contacts, this is a positive move, but still requires you to know the name of the contact your after.

    Please Apple take this suggestion on board for the next generation iPhone. I doubt this is the sort of functionality that could be achieved through the SDK or I’d suggest a 3rd part developer get to work on this one.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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