iPhone Software Roadmap announcement roundup


    So Apple are in the closing stages of the announcement, I thought I’d take some time to document the good and the bad.


    – VOIP will be allowed (restricted to Wifi)

    – iPhone 2.0 software announced

    – Enterprise functionality

    – AppStore can be accessed directly from iPhone / iPod Touch and download apps / games straight to your device.

    – iFund (Apple’s 100 Million development fund to encourage development).

    – Games (EA’s Spore was demo’d – built in 2 weeks, not available till September ??).


    – Mac-only development

    – SDK won’t be enabled on devices until June. That’s not just missing the February time frame, that’s setting a whole new date, frankly I’m insanely disappointed, I thought worst case scenario we’d see it at the end of March).

    – iPod touch owners will be charged for update to allow apps (screwed again like the Jan app pack). No word on price from Apple, when asked Steve replied “We’ll set it later”.

    – Developer will need to pay $99 to register with Apple before distributing apps.

    – Apple keep 30% of all revenue earned from applications

    – SIM unlocking still not allowed.


    Official page on Apple’s website now, contains all the info on Enterprise and has link to SDK (currently dead).

    Apple Press Release

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